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CoComelon CMW0104 Vehicle

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  • ▶ Das Family Fun Car für Kinder ist von der beliebten Kindersendung inspiriert!

  • ▶ Drücke den CoComelon-Knopf, um Autogeräusche zu hören, wie die Hupe, den Motor und mehr!

  • ▶ Spielen und singen Sie mit zum Song "Are We There Yet"!

  • ▶ Schiebe das Auto zusammen mit deiner Lieblings-CoComelon-Familie! - JJ-Figur im Lieferumfang enthalten

  • ▶ Geeignet für Kinder ab 3 Jahren

  • Buckle up and get ready for a playtime adventure with JJ and the CoComelon Family Car! The Family Car is sure to grab your little one’s attention with the bright colors and all of the fun sounds & music! Just push on the CoComelon on the side of the car to hear fan favorites, like the CoComelon Intro Song, “Are We There Yet” and even hear real car sounds, like the car engine starting, the car horn, and more! With the free wheeled drive your little one can push around their CoComelon car wherever they go and explore all the fun adventures with JJ! There is always more to collect and explore when you have CoComelon! ● Inspired by your child’s favorite educational series, the CoComelon Family Fun Car is the perfect toy for playtime! The kids will have a blast!● The vehicle will attract your child’s attention immediately with its various features, like CoComelon’s popular “Are We There Yet” song, and cool car sounds!● The toy car is freewheeling so your little one can drive JJ around! ● There’s so much more CoComelon to collect! Bring home the fun with plush, vehicles, instruments, figures, and more!Play and Discover!Your little one will have a blast playing and singing with the CoComelon Family Fun Car! Cool Features!The CoComelon Family Fun Car plays fan favorites, like the CoComelon “Intro Song,” and “Are We There Yet.” Press the CoComelon button to activate the songs and your little one will be singing along in no time!Inspired by their favorite educational videos!Watch as your little one plays and reenacts their favorite nursery rhyme videos from the educational CoComelon series, featuring CoComelon’s most popular characters!More to Collect!There are more CoComelon toys, instruments, books, and plush to collect! Bring home CoComelon today, a gift that your child will surely love!

    CoComelon CMW0104 Vehicle - B09LSYVYXM